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Published: 2/15/2005

Optimize Cutting Efficiency, Optimize Throughput
A machining process based on maximizing cutting efficiency, rather than speeds and feeds, offers aerospace component manufacturers an option to high speed machining when high material removal rates are required. The best strategy may be to apply bot...

Published: 10/14/2004

Mold Machining And Beyond
Adopting high speed machining entailed some surprises. One of the surprises was an unforeseen opportunity for new work.

Published: 3/19/2004

When Little Things Mean A Lot
Measurement technology plays a role on machining centers used at high speeds.

Published: 12/12/2003

Fast Machining With Fewer Tools
Machining centers capable of precise motion at high feed rates can reduce the number of tools it takes to complete a part.

Published: 8/15/2003

Thinking Outside The Cut
A Silicon Valley manufacturer's survival strategy involves closer relationships with customers, and high speed machining is crucial to this. The shop pays particular attention to the process factors that affect high speed machining before the cut ta...

Published: 8/15/2003

Micro Milling At 1/2 Million RPM
Researchers aim to develop a spindle that accounts for the differences between macro and micro machining.

Published: 8/15/2003

Understanding Surface Location Error
Change your speed by a few hundred rpm and the tool’s effective cutting radius may change.

Published: 8/15/2003

Sweet, Sweet Spot
For this aerospace job shop, harmonizing key aspects of each high speed machining process creates a "sweet spot" where productivity jumps. Harmonizing other key aspects of shop operations also creates a "sweet spot" that helps the company capitalize...

Published: 4/15/2003

Automation's Extended Reach
The experience of a Windsor mold shop offers an object lesson in machine shop automation. In an interconnected process, automating one aspect of the process offered benefits beyond what the initial planning had led the shop to expect.

Published: 3/15/2003

Six Advantages Of Horizontal High Speed Machining
Large monolithic aircraft parts may be machined more productively one at a time instead of three at once.