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Published: 3/1/1999

Four Types Of Five-Axis Machining Centers
Different machines offer different approaches to rotary travel, and each design has its own strengths. Here's how they compare.

Published: 11/1/1997

Mapping Your Way To Five-Axis Machining
The right route starts with the workpiece, but there are many other considerations.

Published: 8/15/1997

Programming For High Speed Machining
You'll have to change your NC programming strategy for high speed machining. Here are some quick tips, and some features to look for in your CAM system.

Published: 8/1/1997

Making Machines Move Faster
A convergence of motion control and mechanical technologies is allowing machine tools to achieve remarkable levels of accuracy at breathtaking speeds.

Published: 8/1/1997

Should You Balance Your Tools?
The answer varies from process to process. Experience is the best guide.

Published: 8/1/1997

It's Within Your Grasp -- It Will Extend Your Reach
Though high speed machining means different things to different people, all of the diverse applications of this process involve performing operations fast enough to break into a new realm of possibilities.

Published: 5/1/1997

Electrode Mill Hits 36,000 RPM
  Today's CNC EDMs burn cavities faster than ordinary milling machines can feed them with electrodes, and so the demand for high-speed graphite machining centers has opened up an opportunity that machine-tool builders have begun to fill.

Published: 2/1/1997

Breaking The Electrode Bottleneck
This company uses high speed machining to slash the time it takes to make graphite electrodes for EDMing of molds and dies. From days to hours. Sounds like a simple, straight-forward formula for cutting costs and lead times, doesn't it?

Published: 11/1/1996

High Speed Machining Of Dies And Molds
These tips from an experienced pro will help shops take some of the mystery out of the process of high speed machining.

Published: 9/1/1996

Superprecision High Speed Spindle Bearings Improve Machining Productivity
Equipment manufacturers are offering a new series of high speed Fafnir brand ceramic and steel bearings specifically to achieve the level of performance required in this manufacturing environment. This high speed bearing design is offered with eith...