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Video: 56-Percent Productivity Increase By Reducing Chatter
The video compares a milling pass that chatters to one that is stable. Because the stable speed permits greater depth of cut, productivity increases.

Video: Getting Started With Minimum Quantity Lubrication
Minimum quantity lubrication does not require a special machine tool or special tooling. This video makes the case for MQL and describes how to apply it effectively.

Video: Helical Interpolation Vs. Drilling
A machining center able to maintain precise control at high feed rates makes it practical to machine holes through helical milling as an alternative to drilling.

Through-Spindle Dust Collection For Composites And Graphite
A vacuum system for the machining center draws particulate through the center of the tool.

Five-Axis Milling And Drilling Of Composite Component
This video from machine tool maker CMS shows high speed five-axis milling and drilling of composite component.

Cutting Out A Composite Structure
Milling cuts out features of a composite structure, then cuts the structure itself out of the setup.

Five-Axis Trimming Of Composites
Here is video of the five-axis motion required to trim a relatively simple composite component.