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Published: 10/13/2015

Can a CNC M-Code Accelerate Laser Calibration?
A metrology technology supplier describes a technique for significantly reducing the downtime to calibrate large machines.

Published: 6/23/2015

Project Puts Metrology Company on the 3D Map
High precision 3D mapping supports installation of a new beam transport line for scientific research.

Published: 6/8/2015

Automated Laser Scanning Using a Collaborative Robot
This device is said to be the first programmable laser scanning system to enable automated 3D scanning, dimensional measurement and dimensional gaging leveraging a collaborative robot platform.

Published: 4/24/2015

Working Toward Lights-Out Inspection
Contract shop PDQ is developing a process to enable its new CMM to inspect multiple parts unattended, thereby minimizing the impact that part measurement has on the company’s bottom line.

Published: 2/12/2015

How to Choose and Use Styli
The variety of probe applications on machine tools, CMMs, comparative gages and portable arms makes correct selection of styli usage essential for efficient, reliable and accurate measurement. Here are some key points that can be helpful in choosing...

Published: 1/5/2015

To Scan or Not to Scan
Industrial metrology professionals are constantly tasked with finding the best methodology to inspect parts.

Published: 1/1/2015

Get Focused Automatically
An industrial microscope is similar to operating a camera, in that the operator must consider various factors such as lighting, shutter speed and exposure to capture the desired image. An inspection microscope with automatic focusing capabilities ca...

Published: 11/18/2014

Acoustic Emission Sensing Improves Productivity and Prolongs Grinding Wheel Life
In production of precision metal parts such as automotive or aerospace components, grinding to precise tolerances is of utmost importance.

Published: 6/10/2014

Reducing Downtime With Tool Presetting
It’s an ongoing challenge. To remain competitive, shops must find new and more efficient ways to increase production. Often they look to new, faster and more precise machine tools as the answer. Sometimes experimentation with a variety of diff...

Published: 5/16/2014

Retired Yet Inspired to Learn Machining
A retired engineer with no prior machining experience is learning how to be a machinist. His quickly increasing skillset demonstrates how new machining technology is becoming more capable and easier to pick up and apply.