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Published: 5/1/1997

Portable Measurement Arm Cuts Digitizing Time In Half
A portable measurement arm is helping a West Virginia firm manufacture pump replacement parts that, in many cases, are more accurate and thus, perform better than the original OEM parts they replace.

Published: 4/1/1997

Auto OEM Grinds 8,000 Parts Per Hour To +/-2 Microns
A new industrial controller this company is integrating with its high-precision centerless grinders is helping a Big 3 automaker turn out precision parts at 8,000 per hour.

Published: 4/1/1997

Switch From Mechanical To Laser Measuring Cuts Inspection Costs In Half
This Michigan company offers fully integrated balancing, gaging, and crack detection systems that can cut manufacturing costs, help increase product quality and reduce floor space requirements.

Published: 2/1/1997

Moldmaker Finds Expanded Role Beyond Just The "Making"
The moldmaker as a provider of end-product design support may seem like a violation of the natural order, but this company has established precisely that role for itself.

Published: 10/1/1996

Bore Gage Becomes Key In Quality Control Program
A state of the art bore gage, intensified training programs and extensive machine tool maintenance regimes are making it possible for Eskridge, Inc.--a machine shop specializing in rotation drives, planetary gear boxes and fail-safe brakes--to shor...

Published: 4/1/1996

CMM Enhances Productivity For Ceramic Tool Manufacturer
Process Forming Systems (PFS) manufactures a number of high-precision ceramic tools for the metal container industry requiring complex inside and outside profiles.

Published: 4/1/1996

Accurate, Efficient CMM Helps Transmission Parts Manufacturer
The speed and accuracy of CMM inspection addresses several manufacturing challenges, including tight machining tolerances, rapid conversion between jobs, 100 percent inspections and QS9000 certification standards.