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Published: 12/5/2006

24-7 Coolant Monitoring And Internet Reporting
This coolant monitoring system automatically adds chemicals to maintain recommended composition. It also automatically stores coolant data and offers shops access to customized reports at a password-protected web portal.

Published: 8/28/2006

Toward More Seamless MQL
One of the small perils of a new technology is that it often involves new steps or new considerations that present special opportunities for error. Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) is a technology that exemplifies this point.

Published: 6/14/2006

Alcohol-Based Coolant Offers Environmentally Friendly Machining
This micro-volume coolant delivery system uses ethanol as the cooling medium for non-ferrous workpieces. The ethanol evaporates after it cools the cutting tool, so no residue is left behind on machined workpieces.

Published: 4/18/2006

A New Approach To Critical Fluid Maintenance
Today, viscosity can be measured precisely by a sensor device that is immersed directly under a stream of fluid or mounted in the fluid tank or pipeline. In simplified terms, the sensor uses sound waves that lose energy when emitted along surfaces o...

Published: 3/22/2006

This Filtration System Takes The Cake
For chip removal and coolant filtration in many CNC machining operations, capital cost and proven efficiency still make disposable media designs the common choice. Permanent media chip removal and coolant filtration systems, however, have quickly be...

Published: 7/14/2005

Coolant Filter Requires No Replaceable Elements
This coolant filter back flushes the trapped particles away from the permanent filtering element to restore its effectiveness. The operating principle is similar to a backyard swimming pool.

Published: 4/19/2005

Coolant-Through Turning Toolholders Deliver Increased Performance And Tool Life
It should be obvious to anyone who has ever washed a driveway or patio with a garden hose: For the best results, you must keep the stream of water precisely where it's needed. The same principle applies to delivering coolant to the cutting zone.

Published: 12/13/2004

Understanding MQL
Minimum quantity lubricant can save money, improve tool life and improve the part finish. But it may involve changes to both the equipment and the processing strategy.

Published: 11/29/2004

Vertical Machining Centers For Volume Production
At this model plant for lean manufacturing, Parker Hannifin personnel became convinced that the simple approach was the strongest choice for the application. Part of the lesson learned at this plant is that the most difficult part of going lean may ...

Published: 11/16/2004

Lathe Toolholders For Turning Away
Think 'unattended machining,' and the image in your mind is probably complex - that is, some machining process that relies on automation more than the typical machining process does. But does going unattended have to involve this complexity? Instead...