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Published: 6/15/2002

Coolant Solves Odor And Dermatitis Problems
Unfortunately, along with this shop's successful growth rate came some new problems, the same problems experienced by many other companies: coolant odor, dermatitis outbreaks and rust.

Published: 5/15/2002

Coolant Delivery System Clears The Air For Specialty Manufacturer
According to this shop owner, this coolant delivery system met his objective of minimizing coolant usage while reducing or eliminating the misting problem.

Published: 12/15/2001

Machine Tool Coolant Racing To Save Time And Improve Quality
As a former racecar driver, Jon Horgas is well aware that raw horsepower alone does not guarantee victory, and the fastest car does not always finish first. It takes a combination of finely tuned aerodynamics and suspension, fuel mixtures and gear r...

Published: 6/1/2001

A Separator Solves The Tramp Oil Problem
With their strong attention to routine housekeeping, it's not surprising that this shop carefully researched all methods for removing tramp oil from coolant in machine sumps. If tramp oil is allowed to build up in the coolant, the resulting shop odo...

Published: 4/15/2001

Eliminating Contaminants In Coolant Management System
Just over 2 years ago the owners of Wanner Engineering made the investment decision to purchase highly automated machining systems with special cooling systems.

Published: 9/15/2000

Improving Quality, Productivity And Tool Life With High Performance Chip Handling
Continuous improvement--most of the time it is painstakingly slow...squeezing out small-tolerance refinements, fractions of more parts per hour or minor ergonomic enhancements. Rare are those instances where the improvements are significant, and the...

Published: 11/15/1999

Coolants Often Key To Today's CNC Grinder Performance
Coolants in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining centers often perform under demanding conditions involving high speeds, hard metals and close tolerances. Without their special abilities to provide lubricity, maintain viscosity, and transfer h...

Published: 9/15/1999

Handling Chips In Hog Heaven
The Harley-Davidson Motor Company is concentrating on increasing productivity to meet the growing demand for its product line. Among the contant improvements to their manufacturing processes is an overhead system that transports chips and coolant fr...

Published: 12/15/1998

Oil Skimmer Provides A Smoke-Free Environment And Extends Coolant Life
When Tom Zovko, owner of Z and Z Manufacturing, a producer of hydraulic fittings and special screw machine products, couldn't see across his 15,000 square-foot machine shop, he knew he had a problem.

Published: 10/1/1997

Gear Manufacturer Expands Business Through Neo-Synthetic Coolant
his company continually strives for perfection and, in fact, has won several awards for exceptional performance in production gearing. Its prototype gears launched Xerox copiers and helped the moon buggy navigate the surface of the moon.