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Published: 7/1/2015

You Are Already Paying for Training
Training saves cost in the form of higher efficiency and reduced rework. It’s just that the costs of not training are difficult to quantify, affecting the perception of training’s ROI.

Published: 5/21/2015

What’s a Journeyman’s Card, Anyway?
Instead of a journeyman’s card, the apprenticeship program at Grob Systems offers a free associate degree as well as a paycheck and the possibility to launch a manufacturing career with the company.

Published: 5/8/2015

Investing in Tech Is a Strategy, Figuring ROI Is a Strategic Tool
This short article by Jeff Reinert, president of Index Corp., outlines the multi-step process for justifying an investment in the latest CNC machining technology. Calculating the return on investment (ROI) is a useful step in this process, but only ...

Published: 4/21/2015

Shops Differ on Cellphone Policies
Is the distraction of cellphone and device use on the shop floor a problem in your facility? What restrictions should govern cellphone use in the shop? Various shop owners and managers commented on this question in Modern Machine Shop’s Linked...

Published: 4/7/2015

Welcome to Machining, Kris
Reading MMS’s encouragement to hire employees lacking in machining skills, this shop manager did exactly that. Now more than two months in, a new hire with a great attitude is succeeding at a CNC machining center.

Published: 1/26/2015

Video: Machinist Describes His New Role with Robot
Do robots in manufacturing replace people? Here is a machinist who now programs the robot that performs some of the work that he used to do.

Published: 6/30/2014

Model Machine Shop Video: MK Precision
This medical contract shop’s video describes its culture of training, as well as its president’s personal connection to the parts the company machines.

Published: 6/5/2014

Video from the Machine Operator’s Point of View
Do safety glasses offer an opportunity for wearable technology? This footage was captured while an operator wore glasses equipped with real-time video streaming.

Published: 4/29/2014

Which Path Did You Choose?
We’re always interested in hearing about how individuals are trained and educated for careers in manufacturing. Know of an interesting, unusual or highly effective program in your area? Tell us about it.

Published: 4/23/2014

Delcam Donates More than 1,000 Courses to SkillsUSA
Delcam has donated more than 1,000 Delcam University courses to the SkillsUSA partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives working together to support a skilled American workforce.