2019 U.S. Machine Tool Consumption Projected to Grow 11 Percent

Full versions of the Capital Spending Survey and the World Machine Tool Survey by Gardner Intelligence, the research arm of Gardner Business Media, are available for purchase online.


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Gardner Intelligence, the research arm of Gardner Business Media, has released the 2019 Capital Spending Survey, which projects accelerating growth for the machine tool market next year. In it, Gardner Intelligence sees machine tool consumption increasing 11 percent to $7.748 billion in 2019, following smaller growth in the preceding two years. In 2018, machine tool prices rose, and delivery times lengthened, a trend that is likely to continue given the planned spending by machine shops detailed in the report.

This year’s Capital Spending Survey also projects increased spending on every one of the six major machine types tracked by the survey. The full report provides a complete breakdown of machine sales by machine type, plant size, region and industry.

Get the Full Report

You can purchase full versions of the Capital Spending Survey and the World Machine Tool Survey online. 

To learn more about the Capital Spending survey, click here.