Applying Minimum-Quantity Lubrication: 3 Articles and a Video

These three articles and a video explain why shops should consider minimum quantity lubrication.


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An increasing number of shops are considering minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) because it permits dramatic cuts in coolant costs, while protecting workers and the environment. It can also deliver improved tool life and surface finish. The following three articles and a video explain why.

  • Understanding MQL
    Minimum quantity lubricant can save money, improve tool life and improve the part finish. But it may involve changes to both the equipment and the processing strategy.
  • Toward More Seamless MQL
    One of the small perils of a new technology is that it often involves new steps or new considerations that present special opportunities for error. Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) is a technology that exemplifies this point.
  • Complementary Technologies Make MQL More Accessible
    An add-on system for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) combines an external pump with repeatable control over nozzle position.
  • Video: Getting Started With Minimum Quantity Lubrication
    Minimum quantity lubrication does not require a special machine tool or special tooling. This video makes the case for MQL and describes how to apply it effectively.