Big Bore American Turnmaster Power Series Lathes by Republic Lagun Offer Creative Solutions for Oil Companies

(Sponsored Content) Republic Lagun's Big Bore chucks on the American Turnmaster Power series conventional lathes are suited for oil-field applications.

Republic Lagun offers many product lines of lathes; and particular to oil companies, the Big Bore chucks on the American Turnmaster Power Series conventional lathes. 
One example with Duncan Manufacturing, a Halliburton-owned company in Oklahoma asked Republic Lagun to supply a Power One Series lathe 35" × 120" , with a 10"  spindle bore; although Lagun offers bore diameters up to 25". This heavy-duty lathe threads pipe and machines other oil-field-related products for onsite operations. 
This American Turnmaster Power Series lathe incorporates a 4 (optional 5) bed way design for maximum stability. These Power Series lathes are also equipped with automatic threading attachments and hydraulic copying attachments for taper threading; an essential tool in the oil-field industry! This is all accompanied with an 18 speed geared headstock, providing Halliburton more options when machining.

The Power One Series Big Bore lathe is designed from a solid monolithic base casting and available with centers between 60"  up to 472"  for machining pipe that run both between centers and through the chuck depending on your production protocol. 

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