Bimba Booth Displays Cobot Technology

Bimba is demonstrating a cobot equipped with a vacuum-gripping solution at its booth this year.

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Many small manufacturers are turning to cobots for a safe, flexible and affordable automation solution. Cobots are often used for part loading and unloading, and they’re safe to use without fencing off work areas.

Bimba, a manufacturer of pneumatic, hydraulic and vacuum technology, is stepping into the cobot market and featuring the Collaborative Robot Vacuum Tool (CRVT) in its booth at IMTS. This device offers a new plug-and-play end effector option for collaborative robots. As part of Universal Robots’ UR+ program, the vacuum gripper is tested and approved to integrate directly with UR robots, enabling simple setup, programming and operation.

“Collaborative robots are making it easier than ever before for manufacturers to implement automation,” says Jeremy King, product manager for Bimba. “In the Bimba booth, we’ll be demonstrating how end effectors can be as flexible and easy to use as the robot.” The company feels that visitors to the its booth will get a kick out of seeing the cobot in action.

IMTS 2018 Exhibitor

Bimba Manufacturing Company

East, Level 3, Booth 134825

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