Cold Air Pistol Delivers Spot Cooling On Demand

(Sponsored Content) Vortec's Cold Air Pistol helps you get the job done faster.

The Cold Air Pistol by Vortec delivers spot cooling on demand, to help you get the job done faster. It cools parts and welds, speeds tool changes, sets adhesives and hot melts, and facilitates thermal cycling. The Cold Air Pistol cools instantaneously, cooling parts quickly and with no liquid mess. The pistol is ideal for cooling jobs anywhere that compressed air is available and intermittent spot cooling is needed. 

The lightweight pistol features an ergonomic trigger mechanism for an on/off squeeze action that can be aimed at the target site. Cold air cooling improves product quality in machining jobs and increases production rates. The Cold Air Pistol provides a cold air flow rate of 9 cubic feet per minute.   

Watch video of the Cold Air Pistol.

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