Data Makes Continuous Improvement Impactful

The right data-driven manufacturing technology can make finding new efficiencies an ingrained part of a shop’s culture.  


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How ingrained is continuous improvement in your shop’s culture? Whatever the answer, the right data-driven manufacturing technology can make it more impactful. David McPhail, president and CEO of Memex, will discuss how in an expansive, 40-minute presentation tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. in the Smart Manufacturing Hub, which is presented by SME and AMT—The Association for Manufacturing Technology.

Traditional “Kaizen” continuous improvement events typically involve collecting data manually, analyzing the data to identify problems and root causes, then brainstorming possible solutions. These solutions must be tested (another exercise in manual data-collection) before the best one can be implemented as part of a revised standard workplan. This can be a time-consuming process, McPhail says, and lessons don’t always stick. Old habits die hard. Plus, people with clipboards can make employees nervous, so the data may not be fully objective.

In the companies that have adopted data-driven manufacturing, continuous improvement looks very different, he explains. Namely, there’s no need for people with clipboards. Real-time data is readily available, more objective and therefore more trustworthy. Collecting and analyzing it is less resource-intensive and less disruptive. Automated reports identify inefficiencies without the need for supervisors with clipboards or manual data analysis. When human barriers fall away, continuous improvement becomes more impactful.

To learn more, register for the presentation on-site at the Smart Manufacturing Hub or visit Memex’s booth. A full schedule for other Smart Hub presentations, all of which cover different aspects of how data from interconnected machinery can be used to improve the manufacturing process, is available via the IMTS MyShow Planner app.