Did Your Shop Recover from a Disaster? Tell Us Your Story

We’d like to do a series of articles looking at machining facilities that have risen up from a setback involving significant loss or damage to the shop. Could be fire, flood, etc.—we want to hear your comeback story!


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Was there a day, maybe recently or maybe long ago, when your machine shop was dealt a very bad hand?

We (the Modern Machine Shop team) would like to do a series of articles looking at machining businesses and machining facilities that have faced a day like this. That is, shops that met an unexpected loss or disaster and have recovered...or are in the midst of recovering now.

I don’t mean just bad business conditions. I don’t mean economic declines, or even legal woes. I mean something out of left field that hit your shop perhaps while these other challenges were going on, an event that hindered your shop’s ability to keep on producing and keep on meeting the expected business challenges.

The kind of event I am referring to might be...

  • A fire
  • A flood
  • A burglary
  • Significant property damage
  • Natural disaster of any sort

...or any other dramatic setback like this that likely never entered into your shop’s planning.

Email me your story. Don’t worry if your email is rough, because we will contact you to get more information if your story is one we choose. But for now, please describe the disaster or loss, including when it occurred, and give us a sense of how much damage it caused and what the recovery entailed. You can send that email to me at pzelinski@mmsonline.com.

I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, I hope the hand you’re dealt today is a very good one.