Discuss Your Parts Cleaning Needs, Design a Custom Process


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Using an efficient and cost-effective parts cleaning process is a shop necessity, and to help attendees of the show find the best parts processing systems for their needs, the Miraclean team is offering its expertise in the parts cleaning field.

“The show is a great opportunity to discuss particular parts processing needs and goals with the Miraclean team,” says Cheryl Larkin, northeast regional sales manager.

The company builds custom parts-processing lines to meet validation specifications and throughput goals. These include precision clean lines, nitric and/or citric passivation lines, dye penetrant application lines, titanium anodize lines, and clear coat lines. Many of the company’s lines are multiple-step immersion systems with automated hoists that can also perform data management with optional barcode capture.

Miraclean services include automating and/or tweaking existing processes as well as process development. The company’s systems can feature a variety of mechanical actions, including ultrasonics, agitation, spray and spray under immersion, and, where indicated, custom fixturing, including part-specific rack or basket design and indexed rotation.

The Cube 2, the company’s newest small-footprint, precision parts cleaning system, is debuting at the show. This system features ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing, plus high efficiency drying, in a compact unit. Many of the process tweaks that are available on all the company’s process lines are incorporated in the Cube 2, including two frequencies of ultrasonics, vertical agitation with spray-off and custom parts fixturing.