Dispensing with the Dark and Dirty

In addition to intangible benefits, these stories demonstrate that efforts to maintain a clean, well-lit facility can directly impact manufacturing productivity.


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These before and after shots show the difference in lighting quality since adding an intelligent LED lighting system.

Readers turn to MMS primarily for information about metalcutting technology. That said, the typical manufacturing operation also depends on more common, peripheral technology that’s important to any business, yet can cause particular problems in manufacturing if it doesn’t perform adequately. Every once in a while, you’ll find coverage of that sort of thing here, right alongside topics like CAD/CAM, EDM, cutting tools and so forth.

In one recent example, a case study details how a heavy-duty vacuum has helped one manufacturer eliminate ergonomic hazards, reduce the risk of injury, increase uptime, reduce labor, and improve product quality, all while contributing to a healthier, cleaner work environment. Another example covers a shop that’s typically outside our coverage area, yet its story is very relevant. This shop swapped old halide fixtures for an “intelligent” LED lighting system that has made employees’ jobs easier while reducing overall lighting costs.

Beyond direct impacts on the operation, there’s good reason why manufacturers prize clean, well-lit facilities: It inspires pride and confidence, both in staff and in customers. If your shop has a similar story to tell, I’d be curious to hear it, whether it involves cleanliness, lighting or another seemingly peripheral area in which changes can ripple throughout the rest of the organization.