Drilling Goes Deep at Unisig

The company is demonstrating off-center deep-hole drilling on a UNX machine advanced CNC motion control system. 


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Unisig is sharing its expertise in gundrilling and deep-hole drilling, including its latest UNX technology. The UNX machine under power in their booth is a custom version from the company’s R&D lab that uses an advanced CNC motion control system to counter-rotate a workpiece around an off-center drilled-hole location. This increases straightness while drilling extreme diameter-to-depth ratio holes. This programmable capability has previously only been possible with expensive and time-consuming manual setups, according to the company.

Very straight off-center drilling is commonly used in high-value components seen in the oil and gas and energy industries. This capability allows process engineers to push the envelope in what is possible in manufacturing and provides product designers more tools to work with in conjunction with additive manufacturing and more common subtractive machining options.

Although the company’s UNX machines have been available for some years, IMTS 2018 is the first time one of any kind has been demonstrated at an international trade show. It’s one thing to read about it and another to see it in action.

Workpieces from a variety of industries are also on display to showcase the latest developments in gundrilling, BTA drilling, bottle boring, and skiving/roller burnishing machine technology. The company’s tooling partners are on hand to share information on BTA, gundrilling and specialty tools used on deep-hole drilling machines. Technical experts from Unisig and its partners are ready to answer questions about any deep hole application.