Fluid Recycling ROI

Not only will it save you money on new coolant costs, a fluid recycling system will improve employee health, workplace safety and foster environmental compliance.


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Fluid recycling systems come in many different configurations so that they’re convenient to operate and fit seamlessly into your facility’s layout.  

Installing a metalworking fluid recycling system in your shop is guaranteed to bring about a return on your investment in terms of slashing costs for new coolants alone, but there are additional benefits to factor in as well. You will also improve workplace safety and employee health, since eliminating tramp oil from coolant reduces oil mist, improving air quality and reducing slippery surfaces. There are also legal considerations, since proof that you’re treating these liquids will protect you down the road should your disposal company incur any liabilities related to improper activities. And having a fluid recycling system in place will go a long way toward reaching environmental management standards for companies working toward ISO 14000 certification. This short video by Eriez HydroFlow provides a nice snapshot of what’s involved, and what you stand to gain by investing in a fluid recycling system.