Form Tools

(Sponsored Content) The new THINBIT® FORM-A-GROOVE® tools simplify programming, increase production, increase accuracy, and free tool locations for other tools. FORM-A-GROOVE® tools allow you to generate complex profiles in a single plunge.


Manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, Inc., FORM-A-GROOVE®  tools are the newest addition to the extensive THINBIT® line of quality metal cutting tools.
FORM-A-GROOVE®  tools can consist of combinations of simple grooves or more complex combinations of grooves, arcs, angles, convex and concave radii, as well as special thread forms.
Our team of dedicated and experienced engineers can help you create a customized FORM-A-GROOVE®  tool to your exact specifications.
External and Face applications for FORM-A-GROOVE®  tools can be designed up to 2" wide and can be made from either a solid block of carbide or from stacking individual inserts.
Internal applications can be designed up to 1" wide starting at 0.125" minimum bore.
Call Kaiser/THINBIT® at (888) 844-6248 to discuss any of your tooling needs with one of our Customer Service Representatives or Application Engineers, or visit our website at


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