How Do Top Shops Handle Aero?

In this upcoming webinar, learn how Top Shops use equipment, machining strategies, employee strategies and operating metrics in the aerospace industry.


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Steve Kline, Chief Data Officer for Gardner Business Media

Aerospace machining can be very challenging due to difficult-to-machine materials, industry regulations and OEM requirements. In the next edition of our ongoing series of webinars, Chief Data Officer Steve Kline takes a deep dive into the equipment, machining strategies, employee retention practices and operating metrics of the top aerospace machine shops from the last 10 years of Modern Machine Shop's Top Shops.

Primary Topics:

  • Equipment/technology differences between aerospace machine shops and shops in other industries
  • Key business strategies of successful aerospace machine shops
  • How top aerospace machine shops perform on key operating metrics
  • Drivers of financial performance at aerospace machine shops

Register for the webinar “What are the Key Drivers of Aerospace Top Shops?” March 24 at 2 p.m. ET.