How to Hard Turn: October 2017 Digital Edition

The latest issue of Modern Machine Shop covers topics such as hard turning, finishing 3D-printed parts and setup consolidation.


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Shops that decide to expand into new markets are often spurred to add new machining equipment or adopt new machining processes to support their efforts. Learn how one shop’s action to diversify its product offerings by manufacturing precise round tooling for deep-draw sheet-metal-forming applications led it to develop an effective strategy for hard turning.

Also in this issue of Modern Machine Shop:

  • You can 3D print the part, but can you finish it? This story explains how to overcome the challenge of part deflection in the machining of lightweight, complex additively manufactured parts.
  • Learn how setup-consolidating technology and strategies enabled Don Schumacher Racing to also bill itself as a full-fledged parts supplier.

Our digital edition lets you flip through or download the entire magazine for viewing on your devices. Besides the articles mentioned above, you’ll find case studies, industry news, upcoming events and more.