In Need of “Floor-Ready” Prospects?

This collaborative training initiative gives shopfloor prospects the chance to contribute right away.


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Last month, FANUC invited me to the grand opening of the Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Education Collaborative (RAMTEC), located at Tri-Rivers Career Center in Marion, Ohio. This column describes what the RAMTEC training initiative is all about (FANUC is a partner company). In short, it brings together educators, area manufacturers and equipment builders, offering certified training programs whereby students get hands-on experience with the same type of sophisticated equipment they’ll encounter on the job. That way, they can hit the ground running in today’s advanced manufacturing facilities without significant hand-holding or follow-up training.

Here’s a glimpse of the RAMTEC facility:


The RAMTEC facility at the Tri-Rivers Career Center in Marion, Ohio offers students and adults the chance to become certified using the type of advanced CNC and robotic equipment found in today’s manufacturing facilities.



Training typically begins with computer work using software that simulates the functions of controls, equipment, and so on. Next, students work directly with the multiple robots, machine tools and welding equipment found on RAMTEC’s mock shop floor.



Machining equipment at RAMTEC includes an automated FANUC Robodrill as well as this Levil tabletop machine with FANUC control. This portable education cart was developed at a price point that is affordable for programs such as RAMTEC. Welding concepts can be taught on Lincoln Electric’s virtual-reality training device and robotic turntable welding system, as shown in the background.



The great joy attending the RAMTEC open house was seeing youngsters’ eyes light up as they watched robots and machine tools in action.


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