Intelligent Tools from Dauphin Precision Case Study

 Case Study presented by Walter Grinders, Inc. of Brubaker Tool.


Whatever the next 127 years brings for the Dauphin family of Brubaker, FastCut, Weldon, and Data Flute, one thing is certain: They have a clear view forward that makes sense. As owner Bill Coyle puts it, “We’re big enough to have the  resources we need to be able to provide the technical assistance at the spindle, to be able to do the specials work, to be able to look at different grades of substrate, at different coatings, through-hole geometries, and so forth. But we’re small enough that when someone needs a special order, when someone needs special attention and service – we can provide it.”

It is also why Brubaker’s sister brands FastCut, Weldon, and Data Flute are strong and growing as well. These brands combined – under the Dauphin Precision Tool and Berkshire Precision Tool umbrella – offer high quality, engineered endmills, and taps in all the high speed steel grades, all the powdered metal grades, and even different grades of carbide, including premium carbide and through-hole carbide. Plus they have the expertise to tailor the tool to the specific  application – right down to the specific machining center. In both carbide and HSS grades they boast some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry on specials. No wonder they’re probably the largest supplier of high speed steel (HSS) endmills to the demanding aerospace market.

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