June 2015 Digital Edition Now Available

Read about important advances in lights-out machining on flexible manufacturing systems, among other stories, in the June issue of Modern Machine Shop.


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Modern Machine Shop.

“It’s like shuffling a deck of cards every day,” says Paul Hogoboom about the challenge of managing ever-shifting job priorities at P&J Machining. The shop has a long history of light-out machining on flexible machining systems and palletized cells, yet its newest system, which consists of two four-axis Matsurra HMCs with a Fastems pallet storage and retrieval system, represents what Mr. Hogoboom considers the most important advance in this sector of lights-out aerospace machining, namely, the control software’s capability to automatically reschedule job priorities on the fly based on shifting demands in production from customers. Learn more here.

Also in this issue:

  • Why an alliance of tool and die shops will continue after the tax incentive that created it ends;
  • How CAD/CAM software has increased the efficiency of older machines in a small job shop;
  • How a garage shop evolved into a CNC tool grinding specialist;
  • What GF Machining Solutions did to protect spindles during collisions; and
  • A look at some of the latest EDM technology.

Read the full issue here.