Like Playing Air Hockey on Your CMM

But not really. A new air-assist fixturing capability helps CMM operators glide heavy workpieces into place for part inspection.


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In “Working Toward Lights-Out Inspection,” I explain how contract shop PDQ Corp. had been developing a process to enable its new CMM to inspect multiple parts unattended. A key element of this strategy is a modular, quick-change CMM fixture system developed by Phillips Precision called Inspection Arsenal. This system uses standard plates that magnetically interlock like puzzle pieces to enable parts fixtured on the plates to be easily removed and replaced to speed change-overs for new inspection jobs.

Recently, air-assist fixture plates have been developed for this system to enable a CMM operator to easily maneuver heavy workpieces across the CMM table as necessary. The plate glides over the CMM bed with minimal effort even for workpieces weighing as much as an anvil. See how in the video above.