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9/10/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

LNS Demonstrates the Internet of Things in Real Time

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LNS America is featuring IIoT connectivity demonstrations, sharing data among interconnected devices in various booths throughout the show floor.


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The e-Connect Ethernet communications system enables CNC machine tools to share data bidirectionally with equipment from LNS America Inc., including bar feeders, chip conveyors, oil/coolant mist collectors and other peripherals. This Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity allows on-the-fly part program change-overs, monitors material usage to reduce waste and allows for unattended and lights-out production.

Multiple products in the LNS booth are e-Connect-enabled, with data displayed in real time on the e-Connect dashboard shown on a large-screen monitor. In addition, data from LNS products installed on working machine tools in various OEM and distributor booths are being displayed via MTConnect on the dashboard displays, both where the machines are and in LNS’s booth.

Data from the bar feeders include operating mode, remaining material and parts being made. Chip conveyor and oil mist collectors are also being monitored by e-Connect, with real-time operational status displayed.

A simulated machine tool in the LNS booth, connected to a Quick Load Servo S3 T bar feeder and Blaze Air vacuum unloader, demonstrates how to make part program changes on the fly using e-Connect. During the process, the CNC machine’s onboard master production schedule communicates with the bar feeder. When the machine completes a part run, it consults the production schedule to select the next part to be made and sends this data to the bar feeder. The bar feeder consults its internal Part Library, which stores all of the bar feeder parameters for the part programs, and automatically adjusts itself to the new program.


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