Machining Technology Spotted at Amerimold 2018

Amerimold presents a range of mold production equipment, strategies and best practices. Here is some of the mold machining technology displayed at this year’s event, ranging from automation to CAD/CAM.


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Amerimold 2018 featured a range of technology from nearly all aspects of the injection mold manufacturing process, with some exhibitors showcasing these capabilities with live demonstrations.

Mold machining products on display included CAD/CAM software for mold design and machine tool programming, five-axis machine tools designed to improve accuracy, tool presetters that can save save time by determining tool offsets offline, cutting tools to enable higher metal removal rates, collaborative robots to automate production tasks, workholding designed to provide machine tools with unobstructed access to workpieces, and EDM equipment that can deliver quality surface finishes. Scroll through the photos and captions above for highlights from the show.  

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