Manufacturing Change for Miniature Maker

Wyrd Miniatures now uses plastic instead of metal to make its hobby figurines.


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3D design and modeling software company Geomagic recently passed along this blog post from Wyrd Miniatures, in which the company describes its move from metal to plastic in making hobby figurines. Though the end product is esoteric, the challenges are comparable to what many manufacturers face. Namely, Wyrd was watching metal prices rise, but switching to plastic would mean embracing new processes. Wyrd made the change, and its designs now produce injection molds. One advantage the company has found is that the new plastic process captures crisper detail. Digital sculpting of fine details in Geomagic software helps the company capitalize on that advantage.

Below, characters from Wyrd: Arcanist Totem, Hungering Darkness and Rail Golem.




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