Meet a Manufacturing Engineer: Related Resources

Here are links to more information about topics mentioned in the video of a GE Aviation engineer.

This video about GE Aviation quality engineer Becky Miller introduced students and educators to the work of a manufacturing engineer. Below are links to more information about topics appearing in that video.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is the field Becky Miller studied in college. Read more about work and careers in this field.

Aircraft Engines

The video mentioned a “low pressure turbine.” What is that? See GE Aviation’s glossary of jet engine terms.

Manufacturing Processes

Becky also mentioned various manufacturing processes in the video. Learn more about each of these operations for making metal parts:

Forging is shaping metal under high pressure. See video of this.

Turning involves cutting a part as it spins. This video of cutting metal into the shape of a chess piece shows how turning works. (Also see MMSOnline's Turning Zone.)

Milling is cutting flat or shaped surfaces using a spinning tool. See the shape of a car emerge from a metal block in this video of milling. (Also see MMSOnline's Machining Centers Zone, which covers the types of machines that do milling.)


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