Mill and Turn Faster with Constant Chip Load

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Improving machining strategies starts with the cutting tool. The key to more productive machining is using milling and turning tools in the way they were intended, at optimum feeds and speeds and, most importantly, optimum chip loads. Do that and you can dramatically improve metal removal rates, surface finishes and tool life.

For most shops, the barrier to achieving these gains is not their equipment but their ability to generate part programs that consistently keep tools in the cut under optimal conditions. Well-known CAM developer, Mastercam, has an answer for that with its Dynamic Motion toolpath engine.

This CNC programming technology dynamically generates the most efficient toolpaths that maintain a constant chip load in the sweet spot of any cutting tool’s true cutting capabilities. Much more efficient machining is the result, with metal removal rates as much as 70 percent higher than conventional machining…READ MORE.