MMS Online Launches New Prototyping & Rapid Manufacturing Zone

New special online area focuses on additive manufacturing technologies, plus the use of CNC machining as a prototyping and design resource.

MMS Online’s new Prototyping & Rapid Manufacturing Zone recognizes that the machining center is not just production equipment. It can also be a design resource.

In fact, machining is one of the best technologies for letting product developers quickly visualize, evaluate and refine new component designs—and get those designs ready for production. Many manufacturers use classic “subtractive” approach to part-making alongside additive prototyping technologies such as laser sintering or 3D printing. The Prototyping & Rapid Manufacturing Zone provides information on these additive technologies as well.

It also includes video that covers:
● How Designcraft chooses and uses VMCs for rapid prototyping
● Phoenix Proto’s view of how quick-turnaround tooling is different from a production mold.
● The various additive and subtractive resources used by product development specialist Morris Technologies.

To view all of these videos, and to find dozens of articles on prototype machining as well as additive part-making approaches, visit the Prototyping & Rapid Manufacturing Zone at