MMS Online Launches Newly Expanded High Speed Machining Zone

High speed machining means different things in different contexts.

High speed machining means different things in different contexts. In all cases, though, it entails unlocking the potential for high metal removal rates in CNC milling. Ironically, achieving this end doesn’t always involve speed.

In applications involving aircraft components and other parts hogged out of a single block of metal, high speed machining focuses on chatter—specifically, avoiding chatter by milling at the machine’s sweet spot.

In applications involving molds and dies, high speed machining involves fast, light cuts in hard metals—allowing milling to provide an efficient alternative to EDM for machining complex forms.

Still other shops realize the equivalent of high speed machining on low speed machines. They often use tools such as high-feed mills to realize the same kinds of high feed rates that high spindle speed is often used to achieve.

On MMS Online, a newly revised and expanded High Speed Machining Zone addresses all of these applications. Scores of articles address aerospace and die/mold applications in particular, and a collection of articles and video also include considerably more detail about resonant-frequency machining. Newly added videos cover toolholder balancing, managing high speed spindles, and the thermal behavior of the cut in die/mold machining. An expert is also available to answer your high speed machining questions.

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