Modern Machine Shop to Speak About the United States, Mexico at EMO

The German Machine Tool Builders’ Association and Gardner Business Media will co-host presentations about U.S. and Mexican manufacturing for attendees of the international metalworking trade fair in Hannover, Germany.


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Gardner Business Media, publisher of Modern Machine Shop, and VDW, the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association, will co-host a seminar at EMO in Hannover, Germany, titled, “Metalworking Growth Seminar: Overview of the Trends in Metalworking in the USA and Mexico.” Gardner’s Steven Kline, Claude Mas and Peter Zelinski will speak. The event will start at 9:30 a.m., September 21 at the Convention Center on the EMO grounds.

Steven Kline, director of market intelligence for Gardner, will present “Trends in the International Machine Tool Market, with a Particular Focus on the USA and Mexico.”

Peter Zelinski, editor-in-chief of Modern Machine Shop, will speak on technology trends among U.S. machine shops. His central theme will be that metalworking in the United States is, in large part, performed within small facilities. This affects the challenges they face and the technologies they are apt to embrace.

Claude Mas, publisher of Modern Machine Shop Mexico, will speak on “The Machine Tool Industry in Mexico: Opportunities and Challenges.”

Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Schäfer, managing director of VDW, will give an introduction.

Learn more about the seminar and register to attend on the EMO Hannover website.