Modular Fixturing for Welding Improves Productivity and Reduces Costs

(sponsored content) Bluco’s modular fixturing can improve the quality of your weldments and your productivity. With one set of modular tooling, you can build hundreds of different fixtures.

Bluco’s modular fixturing system for welding features precision-machined welding tables and a reusable set of tooling components, such as patented bolts, angles, clamps, blocks, etc., to fixture virtually any size and shape weldment. This year at Fabtech, we will be demonstrating our precision rail system. This alternative to standard table-based solutions ensures the accurate alignment of major fixturing elements for parts up to 100 feet or more in length. Whether your requirements are fixtures for prototypes, short runs, specials, spares or high volume, there is a modular solution to fit your needs.
Bluco's experienced engineers utilize the latest in 3-Dimensional CAD software in designing modular fixtures for welding. Our engineers have years of experience integrating standard and custom tooling components. With a CAD library of more than 400 modular components to choose from, they can design fixtures to handle virtually any weldment.
Customers can also bring their parts to Bluco’s state-of-the-art facility to prove out fixture designs as well as have small batches welded utilizing the latest in modular fixturing technology. Large or small group training (eg. fixture design, setup and welding) is also provided in our Validation Center with actual customer parts. Call 1-800-535-0135 to schedule a visit.
See us at Fabtech, Booth # 5533 for a hands-on demonstration.
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