NASCAR "Garage" Display Invites Hands-On Measurement

The company's interactive display invites readers to measure engine cylinder bores and take photos in front of a race car. 


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Visitors to Mahr Inc.’s booth aren’t just seeing how fast, reliable surface finish measurements help to ensure a first-place NASCAR finish. They’re experiencing it for themselves, and in the proper context.

A portion of the booth is set up to resemble a working NASCAR garage. All the associated trappings are scattered on various shelves and benches or represented by imagery on the walls. Just outside, visitors can try their hands at measuring the cylinder bores of a retired, championship-winning engine block from Mahr partner Joe Gibbs Racing. Diameter and surface finish gages that have been ergonomically designed specifically for hard-to-reach interior areas are said to make the task easy for anyone. Also in keeping with the booth theme of “Speed, Productivity and Precision,” wirelessly transmitted measuring results are being displayed in real time on a 48" monitor.

Just outside the “garage” is the No. 18 M&Ms Toyota Camry driven by Kyle Busch, positioned against a graphical backdrop of pit row. If the race car isn’t immediately visible upon approaching the booth, it could be obscured by show attendees posing for pictures. After all, posting the image to Twitter with #MahrWins earns a chance to win official Joe Gibbs Racing memorabilia.

Visitors who don’t win the Twitter photo contest can still come away with something. Those who trade in a digital caliper from specific competitors will receive a new MarCal 16 EWRi digital caliper at no cost. Quantities are limited, so the tools will be awarded on a “first come, first served” basis.