New Educational Series from Additive Manufacturing Media

Additive Manufacturing Media is releasing AM InDepth, a series on 3D manufacturing, as a part of IMTS Spark. 


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AM InDepth

Modern Machine Shop sister publication Additive Manufacturing Media is releasing AM InDepth, a series of discussions with top names in production 3D printing that explores what is next for additive manufacturing (AM) technology. The series will be part of the IMTS Spark platform and is scheduled to run Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the weeks of Sept. 21 and 28. Each day will feature a session at 1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Sessions will focus on real-world applications of industrial AM, sharing the successes and speed bumps it takes to get the applications up and running and including Q & A with the presenters. Topics include design for additive manufacturing (DFAM), processes, materials, implementation strategies, serial production and more. Presenters are pulled from OEM manufacturers like Varroc Lighting Systems; research institutions like Penn State University; and contract manufacturers like Cumberland Additive, Knust-Godwin and Tangible Solutions.

“We want to take a deep dive into what is making additive technology tick in modern manufacturing,” says Peter Zelinski, Editor in Chief of Additive Manufacturing Media and the program director for AM InDepth. “If you are already working with 3D printing, developing your AM for production plan or just trying to figure out how the technology could benefit your business, you will find valuable information here.”

More information is available here.