New Tap Features Innovative Emuge Chip-Breaking Technology

(sponsored content) Emuge offers a tap with superb chip-breaking capabilities that is ideally designed for machining applications in the energy and related industries. The new Rekord DZBF Series Taps feature technology developed by Emuge (Emuge CBTz) that eliminates the formation of long continuous chips that commonly occur when tapping carbon steels, alloy steels, and austenitic stainless steels.


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The taps are designed with a newly developed cutting face geometry and spiral flute form, which combine to affect chip flow, chip curl and chip length. This innovative Emuge chip-breaking technology (Emuge CBTz) produces short, broken, controllable chip formations that eliminate flute clogging and potential failure of the machine tap due to chipped cutting teeth or breakage. This technology contributes to higher reliability of the threading process, eliminates machine down time required to clean chips, improves tool life, produces a better surface finish and also increases operator safety.
“Our new chip-breaking capability is a testament to Emuge’s unwavering commitment to developing the latest cutting tool technology” said Mr. Mark Hatch, Product Director of Taps and Threads Mills at Emuge Corp. “The new chip-breaking design we’ve developed is going to drastically improve tapping in difficult applications such as in the oil field, petrochemical and power generation industries.”
Made of premium cobalt high speed steel and ground with eccentrically relieved threads that feature full pitch diameter relief, the Rekord DZBF series that features Emuge CBTz provides much greater tool life and machining efficiency than conventional taps. The tap is surface treated with TiN to reduce friction between the tap and workpiece, which results in improved thread finishes and increased tool life in carbon and alloy steels, cast and forged steels, tool and die steels and 300 stainless steel up to 35 HRC. 
The new Rekord DZBF Series Taps are ground with an increased pitch diameter, designated 2BX, which optimizes the gage tolerance for a 2B class-of-fit, in order to add an additional wear allowance for improved tool life. The taps are also made with Emuge’s trademark long shanks, DIN length for extra reach, improved chip evacuation, cooling and lubrication.
Emuge has also designed the new taps to be used in both horizontal and vertical machining applications, which saves tooling change-over time and eliminates the need to stock two lines of taps in the tool crib. Also, a modified bottom chamfer is ideally suited for blind holes.
The new Emuge Rekord DZBF Series is offered in inch sizes ranging from ½" to 2". Taps are now fully in stock at Emuge’s North American headquarters. 


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