Next Big Show: JIMTOF

The 28th Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF) has a slightly later date this year. The show will start November 17 and conclude November 22. Here are some reasons this show in Tokyo is definitely worth serious attention.


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  • The machine tool builders of Japan are exceptionally innovative. Although many of their best new machines were shown in the United States at IMTS, there will be a number of major surprises, especially in additive manufacturing processes.
  • This will be the largest JIMTOF ever, with a new hall that expands exhibit space to nearly 100,000 square meters. About 1,000 exhibitors will occupy more than 5,500 booths.
  • The mood at JIMTOF tends to be sober, but certainly not dour. Special exhibits will display the Japanese craftsmanship of artistic metal spinning and the making of eyeglasses that are exquisitely stylish and technologically advanced. Otherwise, there are not many sideshows and frills to detract from pure machine tool innovations.
  • The theme is “The Future Starts Here,” signaling a strong focus on advances in data-driven manufacturing and Industrial Internet of Things. The machine tool builders of Japan have many of the most automated, connected factories in the world. They will show how they do it at JIMTOF.
  • JIMTOF exemplifies “monozukuri,” a Japanese word that means “the art of making things better than ever.” It can also be translated as “The proud spirit of dedicated craftsmanship.” Monozukuri gives JIMTOF a zest that distinguishes it from any other show.
  • Tokyo has cool, comfortable weather in November. JIMTOF appears at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center), which is on an island in Tokyo Harbor, with magnificent views of the city skyline and dramatic bridges.

We will report on our findings at JIMTOF in upcoming Modern Machine Shop content. For more details about attending JIMTOF, go to jimtof.org.