October 2018 Product Spotlight: Measurement and Inspection

This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on various inspection and measuring machines and equipment, much of it on display at IMTS 2018. 


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The image gallery above, based on Modern Machine Shop magazine’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight, features a variety of equipment and software related to measurement and inspection from Beta LaserMike, Alicona, DWFritz, Zeiss, Creaform and MC Machinery Systems. Several of these technologies were displayed at IMTS 2018 last month. 

Swipe through the gallery for details, and follow the caption links for more information about each item.


  • How Accurate Is Your Machining Center?

    Virtually every machine tool builder lists, as part of a machine's specification, accuracy and repeatability figures. What's generally not given is the method used to arrive at the figures. Though these methods are defined in linear positioning standards, not all builders use the same standards.

  • 3D Scanning: Reproducing One-Of-A-Kind Prototypes

    A laser scanning system helps this shop capture the free-form surfaces on a hand-sculpted original. The resulting digitized models are the basis for CAM applications such as programming a CNC machining center. 

  • Going Lean in Order to Grow

    This shop has a plan for dramatically expanding its contract machining business in high-value markets.