On-Call Coolant Reclamation Unit

Portability enables this coolant reclamation unit to be used on many different machine tools. Plus, it can be used without shutting down the machine.


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During IMTS 2012, Eriez introduced a portable, inline fluid reclamation device it calls “SumpDoc.” This mobile unit provides complete coolant restoration and rejuvenation treatment of metalworking coolant in a machine tool sump with minimal operator interface. In addition, there’s no need to shut down the machine to use it.

After locating the SumpDoc next to a machine’s sump and making the connections for water, electricity and compressed air, the unit is ready to begin fluid rejuvenation. The operator first selects the Sump Vac Mode from the unit’s dashboard control. The sump vac portion of the portable unit is equipped with a long, two-inch-diameter hose and aluminum, angled crevice tool for suctioning the bulk of the chips out of the sump. Solids are trapped in a 50-micron polyester bag and the coolant returns to the sump so the machine can continue to operate.

Next, the operator selects Filtration Mode from the control. The suction hose connected to the unit’s air-operated diaphragm pump is positioned in the machine's sump while the discharge hose from the high-speed centrifuge and/or tramp oil coalescer is directed back to the sump. The coolant continuously re-circulates to the sump during the filtration mode to provide uninterrupted machine tool operation. During this step, the operator is free to conduct other activities until the filtration mode is complete.

After running in filtration mode for a predetermined amount of time, the operator checks the coolant concentration level with the unit's onboard digital refractometer. The operator then selects Coolant Makeup Mode from the control and chooses the proper coolant concentrate mix (lean, standard or rich). Once the sump tank reaches the desired concentration level, the process is complete. The SumpDoc can then be disconnected and moved to serve another machine.


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