PMTS 2019: An Opportunity to Learn

Staying on top of the latest technology and business solutions will help your shop more effectively produce precision turned and machined parts. Here’s a listing of educational sessions offered at the upcoming Precision Machining Technology Show.


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Make plans to catch one (or more) of the eight different Tech Talk educational sessions offered during the Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS 2019), which runs April 2-4 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, Ohio. These free sessions, which will take place in the Tech Talk Theater located at the back of the show floor, are scheduled to last 30 minutes and highlight specific technologies and business strategies that can help your shop effectively produce precision turned and machined parts.

April 2, 2019

Skiving and Shaving, Similar but Not the Same
Speaker: John Detterbeck, President, Lester Detterbeck Enterprises
Real-world examples show how making the right selection between skiving and shaving will affect the outcome. Rules of thumb will be provided.

The Challenge of Deburring Parts with Cross Holes: How to Automate Your Processes for More Efficient Production
Speaker: Bill Hargrove, National Sales Manager, Heule Precision Tools
Manually deburring parts with hard-to-reach, angled or complex cross holes is time-consuming. This talk looks at a range of situations involving cross holes, along with automated tool solutions for deburring that have helped manufacturers save time and cut production costs.

Benchmarking Performance: Where Do You Stand Versus Your Competition?
Speaker: Stacy Pease, Director of Customer Success, MachineMetrics
Machine Metrics will be sharing insights from its real-data-driven benchmarking reports on machine performance. This capability, which can be segmented by type of machine and industry, is designed to help shops understand their machine performance relative to their peers.

April 3, 2019

Improving Bore Shape, Size Control and Surface Finish through Innovations in Honing/Lapping Technology
Speaker: David Chobany, Business Development Manager, Sunnen
This presentation will discuss the rapid advances in precision honing/lapping technologies, including bore geometry, surface tribology (plateau finishes, bearing ratios), burr conditions (torn and folded metal) and edge condition, among others.

Forging the Next Century
Speakers: Peter Lamb, Mueller Sales Manager, and Don Forgie, Meuller Technical Services Forgings
Mueller presents the advantages of near-net-shape forgings in brass and aluminum.

The Basics of Thread Rolling
Speaker: Lib Pietrantoni, Director of Global Sales ME, CJ Winter/Davenport
Key takeaways from this presentation include design considerations for optimal results when thread rolling as well as a practical troubleshooting review designed to help shops identify problems, find solutions and get back on track.

Improve Throughput and Quality with the Right Swiss Tools
Speaker: Jim Rowe, Regional Sales Manager, GenSwiss
This presentation focuses on the different tools and accessories offered by GenSwiss.

Manufacturing Technology & The Next Generation Leader
Speaker: Charles Ruecker, Founder & CEO, Core Powered
This session is targeted to the next generation of leadership and is designed to share insight on how significant technology and its application will be changing and how your shop’s strategic and tactical thinking needs to evolve. This thinking is mandatory to help ensure a thriving workforce in this new environment.


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