Process Control: What to Do with All That Data – September 2017 Digital Edition

The latest issue of Modern Machine Shop covers topics such as interpreting machine data, getting into aerospace and machining composites.


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September 2017 Modern Machine Shops

Click on the photo above to read the September 2017 digital edition.

With data-driven manufacturing, or any topic related to advanced manufacturing, it is easy for shops to get carried away and over-engineer a solution. Learn how one shop benefited from the simplicity of its data-driven process for catching machining errors before they occur. This was straightforward once the shop redefined its understanding of what the data are really showing.

Also in this issue of Modern Machine Shop:

  • Although motorsports are a natural focus for a shop owned by a former NASCAR driver, fiveaxis machining and an emphasis on process planning have opened the door to new aerospace work.
  • In an update to the traditional dry composite machining, new coolant technology has proven to prevent delamination, increase tool life and reduce health risks.

Our digital edition lets you flip through or download the entire magazine for viewing on your devices. Besides the articles mentioned above, you’ll find case studies, industry news, upcoming events and more.