Product Lineup Features Ganesh Machinery’s New Look

The Ganesh GenMill and GenTurn lines demonstrate the company's new look. Catch them in three different booths.

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To distinguish the new GenMill and GenTurn product lines at Ganesh Machinery, the company has introduced new logos, which are prominently featured in the booth. Stop in to pick up an aluminum, business-card-sized part (which includes the new logo) that is being produced on the show floor.

Ganesh has six machines at the show, but spread among three different booths.

  • Booth 338045 features two machines from the GenMill line, including a T-500 high-speed mill/drill/tap center with a fully integrated Mitsubishi robot, pallet and tool-changing system that features teach-point programming.
  • Across the aisle in booth 338048, two GenTurn machines are running.
  • In the East Hall, the Mitsubishi Electric Automation booth (134102) includes the GenMill 5X-12 five-axis, 12" diameter VMC and the GenTurn 52-GTS gang tool lathe. Each Ganesh machine features a Mitsubishi control.

Company CEO and President Robert Serrano says that the company’s main focus at the show is its new product lineup, demonstrating the new capabilities and features, as well as the company’s new look.


IMTS 2018 Exhibitor

Ganesh Industries, LLC

South, Level 3, Booth 338045
South, Level 3, Booth 338048

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