Putting Tech in Economic Context

Although MMS focuses mostly on technology, our publisher has plenty to offer in terms of economic forecasting and deep, actionable intelligence on the machine tool industry.


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Readers of this blog post are likely familiar with Modern Machine Shop, but have you heard of GBM Intelligence?

This is the research arm of our publisher, Gardner Business Media (GBM). Just a few weeks back, the name changed from “Gardner Research” to “GBM Intelligence” in order to better reflect the team’s expanded offerings—offerings that avid readers have likely seen before in in our publications and digital offerings. For instance, every year we run a story covering the World Machine Tool Survey, a U.S.-dollar-based comparison of global machine tool production import/export and consumption statistics that has long been the brainchild of GBM’s research arm. Another example is the Capital Spending Forecast, which becomes simultaneously more targeted and more comprehensive every year in its sector-by-sector breakdown of spending trends. Another popular item is the Gardner Business Index, which tracks month-to-month changes in manufacturing by process, industry, plant size, and region of the country. (The metalworking portion of the index is published every month in MMS.)

The very fact that you’re reading this on MMS Online suggests you’re most likely looking for the kind of wisdom that helps on the shop floor. But if you’re ever curious about putting that kind of knowledge in context and staying abreast of the broader economic forces driving the industry, you should be aware that our team is doing the same great work it always has. As indicated by the name change, it’ll only get better from here. Finally, you can access this work by visiting gardnerweb.com for the latest developments and offerings from our team and to find all the surveys mentioned above (not to mention regularly updated economic news and insights on the stated of our industry).