Read the May 2016 Issue of Additive Manufacturing Magazine

Caterpillar, Arcam and others share how additive manufacturing is making a difference today, plus the technology’s potential for future applications.


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Additive Manufacturing magazine covers practical, industrial applications—what companies are doing right now, today with the technology—but is also interested in AM’s future potential. Our May issue contains examples of manufacturers who are additively manufacturing parts like mold components and surgical instruments that are currently in use; however, it also takes a look at where additive is headed.

In this issue:

  • Caterpillar details how an additive approach to aftermarket parts is helping the company prepare for eventual production through AM.
  • An independent manufacturer explains why it spends time helping partners develop AM-enabled parts that will come to market in the future.
  • AM equipment manufacturer Arcam describes the promise and progress of additive manufacturing for the aerospace and orthopedic industries.

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