Redesigned Website for Drill Grinding Equipment


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Oliver of Adrian has launched a redesigned and expanded website that features a brief history of the company, customer testimonials and enhanced information on each machine. Videos demonstrate the Oliver Model 600 drill grinder for drill bits with diameters as large as 4" (102 mm); the Oliver 21HD for smaller bits; and the Oliver Drill Point Thinner.


  • Drill And Bore With A Face Mill

    Cutting holes by interpolating a face milling cutter may be a better process choice for many rough and even finish boring operations. Software improvements and better cutter designs allow expanding use of the versatile face mill for hole making.

  • Choose The Best Drill Point Geometry

    The more common twist drill point geometries often are not the best for the job at hand. By choosing the best point for the material being drilled, it is possible to achieve better tool life, hole geometry, precision, and productivity.

  • Don't Overlook EDM Tapping

    In many difficult hole making applications, the best way (and often the only way) to form internal threads is with electrical discharge machining.