Renewed Aerospace Focus Is behind Hainbuch's Automated Cell Demo

In addition to showcasing its modular clamping and collet and chuck change-over systems, the company’s booth will feature an automation cell, aerospace solutions and its new hexagonal mandrel.


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Hainbuch is broadening the focus of its booth this year, adding new products and displays to ones that have been successful at previous shows. Marketing Director Michael Larson says that the company’s new president, Tim Wachs, has been the driving force behind the expansion.

The wider focus has inspired some new features in the company’s booth, such as an automation cell. The cell, which integrator Custom Design helped to develop, includes a FANUC robot with Hainbuch’s Hydrok quick-change chuck and hexagonal collets. Larson says its purpose is to serve as a visual that simulates a work environment.

Hainbuch is also picking up on a larger trend in the industry by highlighting solutions for the aerospace industry. It is showing a turbine chuck, a 3D-printed turbine and a landing gear part made on an Okuma machine.

New products being showcased include the Maxxos T211 mandrel, which has a hexagonal pyramid shape instead of a traditional round taper. Larson says that this product has been getting a lot of attention, and that people are drawn in by its interesting shape.

These new displays are joining features that have done well at the company’s booth in the past. These include Hainbuch’s modular clamping system and its Centrotex chuck change-over system, which is being demonstrated on an Okuma LB3000 lathe. The company is also highlighting its quick-change collet system with a “True Originals” campaign that focuses on the company’s role in developing the technology.