Reshoring Redux

The second Contract Manufacturing Purchasing Fair, an event focused on re-shoring, will take place in Connecticut in October.

Harry Moser, one of the organizers of the NTMA/PMA Contract Manufacturing Purchasing Fair that took place in May, says the Irvine, California event was a qualified success. 

Another such event has been scheduled for October 29 in Mashantucket, Connecticut. Find details at the link below.

Mr. Moser, who is also chairman emeritus of AgieCharmilles, says one of the most encouraging developments at the fair in California was the extent to which it was clear that companies considering offshoring increasingly understand both the visible and hidden costs of this decision. A Total Cost of Ownership Estimator, evaluating the various costs for local versus foreign manufacturing, was introduced at the event.

However, he says one disappointment is that it continues to be difficult to persuade companies to shift from their current offshoring policies, even when the costs seem to favor making a change.

The Purchasing Fair was focused on re-shoring. It matched customers for machining work with shops in the United States. Fifty-seven people from 27 customer companies attended. They were met by representatives from about 80 contract machining businesses who also attended. The best way to imagine the fair is as a speed-dating event between the two groups, says Mr. Moser. Every shop got 10 minutes to meet with each of the customers.

Though the customer companies were mostly California-based, some came from as far away as Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois and Alabama. Shop attendees also came from around the country. 

For information about the follow-up to this event that will be held in New England in October, click here.