Slideshow: Boosting Productivity with EDM

Features such as automatic threading, wear detection and ergonomic controls help to boost productivity in electrical discharge machining (EDM). View this month’s slideshow to learn more.


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Click the image above for a slideshow featuring wire EDMs and more. 

This month’s product spotlight on EDM technology highlights a number of wire EDMs equipped with automatic threading capability. This function enables the machines to run unattended for long periods of time, and reduces the spark-to-spark time when rethreading is needed.

Click the image above to view the slideshow highlighting these machines as well as small-hole EDMs, EDM wire and an electrical discharge wheel dresser, and read the product spotlight in the June issue for more detail. 


  • Non-Traditional Methods For Making Small Holes

    Consider these alternatives when conventional drilling can't do the job.

  • Trends In EDM

    Electrical discharge machines, both wire and ram type, have undergone rapid improvements in capability, economical operation, speed and flexibility. New applications are continually emerging as shops discover the advantages of this process.

  • The Hidden Cost Of EDM Wire Consumption

    Excessive wire consumption on a wire electrical discharge machine is costly. Technology that allows slower unspooling speeds without compromising results appears to be the answer.